As an orthopedic physical therapist I use and recommend the Akuflex Pro to my patients. This is a great tool to release trigger point knots in the upper back and neck at home. After a day treating patients my upper back will get tight and this is a way that I can get this trigger point work done myself at home.

Joe S.

I absolutely love the Akuflex, it's really nice to come back from a tough practice or workout to get some recovery in; It really loosens up my upper back.

Jayden G. - Quarterback

Great product for neck pain relief! I’ve had neck problems for many years from an old whiplash injury. I can’t afford weekly massage and have tried many things for lasting relief. Using the pro model has brought the relief I’ve not been able to find and I’m so thankful!

Katrina J.

The Akuflex does an amazing job getting to the hard to reach pressure points and has tremendously helped me relieve my back pain. I definitely recommend trying this product, it’s been a game changer for me.

Jarret W.

In order for me to make the most of my opportunities on the field, I've got to make the most of my recovery time off the field, and the AkuFlex helps me do just that.

Seth M. - Offensive Line

My husband was in a car accident years ago and though he doesn’t need to use it all the time, it works great when he does. Great investment on a great product!

Deb M.