How it works

Lie flat on the device with straight legs, breathe deeply throughout all steps.

Bring your knees up until your feet are flat on the surface you’re lying on. You’ll feel a slight stretch in your neck and an increase in overall pressure.

Raise your arms slowly over your head. This is the best position for stretching the neck area. To release knots, spin your arms in a rowing motion. 

Cross your arms and gently rock side to side. This motion will also help release knots by opening up the shoulder blades. 

There should be some discomfort felt, but not to the point where it's difficult to breathe deeply or relax.

If the product feels too firm, you can soften the feel by applying a towel on top or by using a softer surface beneath. 

If the product doesn't feel deep enough, simply lift up the hips.

The AkuFlex Pro™ comes with removable pads for maximum relief:

  • For heat therapy warm water and submerge pads
  • For cool therapy place pads in refrigerator/freezer