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Work out pain and tension in the upper back and neck from virtually anywhere, anytime.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing invention! Can’t live without this..

I have been using my Acuflex for over 10 years. I also recommend it to my clients. I had lost the curvature in my neck years ago and this little device has helped to restore and maintain the correct curvature. I am so thankful for this invention!

Akuflex Pro

Great product for neck pain relief! I’ve had neck problems for many years from an old whiplash injury. I can’t afford weekly massage and have tried many things for lasting relief. Using the pro model has brought the relief I’ve not been able to find and I’m so thankful! It is harsh when you first try it (I had it on a hard surface) bc the protrusions hit right on the trigger areas. I went to a softer surface (bed or yoga mat) and was able to relax into it. I have found it to be a very real relief and have made it a top priority in my daily routine. Just a great product! Thank you!!

Michele Pusatier
Highly Recommend

I’ve had the pleasure of using this device on myself, as well as my clients. This is a highly effective, simple to use product that no business owner should do without. Kudos to Pete Peterson for marketing such an ingenious product. This product has the effect of 3 therapists working on you at the same time! Go Akuflex!

Gentree K
Life saver

This thing has saved my life! It works wonders. I was in a car accident in my teens... I'm much older now!!! My neck used to freeze up and I couldn't turn my head at all until the muscle relaxed(Days). The natural curve of my neck had been gone! Since using this for atleast 7 years,. For 10 min. 4 days a week... I have not had ANY ISSUES. LIKE I SAID, IT'S A LIFE SAVER!